My NaijaHacks2018 Experience with Team Bio-remote.

Okediji Samuel Olaide is a software developer who specializes in Back-end web architecture.

I heard about Naija Hacks on social media. I opted to join a team with a truly problem solving solution. I met Tosin Jemilehin (Tizentos) and his IoT enabled product idea that allows to solve the problem of Inadequate medical diagnosis in remote areas(rural, IDPs, refugee camps) which has over time lead to myriad number of deaths and unattended medical cases in the area. In fact medical expert volunteers are insufficient due to insecurity, inconvenience, mortality rate across sub-saharan Africa, India, and underdeveloped nations of the world.

My Role:

Tosin was the Hardware/IoT expert and I was supposedly the software guy. My task was to setup, configure, and customize the Thingsboard platform, I ran into major difficulties at that time as I had to joggle the Hackathon with a project deadline in my line of work, well what are Hackathon without tension and overcoming time factor.

In order to set up the Thingsboard platform via command prompt, I ran into several error messages, and it was surely another reason why Windows is becoming a joke of an OS when talking about developer experience. Like a friend of mine did call it “only good for Ventilation”. I started rueing why I wasn’t in Lagos with my Linux enabled desktop.

After many trial the ECG readings were not being transfered to the thingsboard channel, then we configured the Thingsboard platform to have less widgets and made the features look less complex in terms of the Thingsboard UI and BOOM! The ECG readings was been read on the Thingsboard platform, thanks to Tosin’s help.

Messages kept pouring in from NaijaHacks mentors and Organizers about how we needed to submit before time and all. Also another important message was every team needed to create a brand logo for their products. Tosin came up with the name Bio-remote and I came up with the caption: “ Making Health aide globally accessible”. It was the best we could come up with at 1:00am in the morning. I went ahead to create team Bio-remote logo. Myself alongside Tosin created a DevPost account and submitted our project an hour before time.

Demo Day:

After days of sleepless nights, myself and Tosin Jemilehin not too sure of our chances as we did not like the Thingsboard UI as much and not sure if our delivery was as perfect. It was demo day and we had to pitch, lucky enough just one of us was available to pitch.

Myself already out of Lagos to Abeokuta, Ogun state to meet with a client deadline on Demo day and Tosin against all odds made Demo day and pitched to the judges about our solution.

The night before Final Pitch Day, Tosin had mentioned we had a 50-50 chance. I encouraged him not to be discouraged as he had been the most active member.

Result Announcement Day:

Still in Abeokuta massaging the ego of my client and Tosin already making his way to Lagos Island for a commitment of his, we suddenly received a message from Organizer Uchi through our Slack channel on the possibility of team Bio-remote being part of the Top 3 Finalist to pitch on the Demo day.

I showed screenshot of the message to Tosin via WhatsApp, but he was not online. Then I put a call across to him, he reaffirmed he was on his way to Victoria Island and he would take a cab back to Zone Tech Park immediately.

I guess he pitched and he was so awesome with the Pitch he had to win the prize for best Pitch of the competition and also most Funded category.

Hardwork does really pays.

It was truly an experience to remember, it had all the nitbits of an Hackathon and we are looking forward to improving the Bio-remote solution as we believe the product idea is one that would have a direct impact on our immediate society if not the world at large.

Okediji Samuel Olaide

Team Bio-remote


Cloud Engineer | Digital Nomad | Lover of Nature.